Tampere and the Tampere Region are applying to become European Capital of Culture 2026 (ECoC) to be able to promote what is most important to us: The people. Our goal is to create a region that prioritizes the Quality of Life for every individual. We want to fight for equality and utilize Culture as our engine for change.

“What the heck is ‘’ECoC’’?”

In a nutshell, ECoC stands for European Capitals of Culture and has been one of the most recognized projects run by the European Union. For the past 30 years, the EU has chosen different European Cities to support them through valuable cultural events for one whole calendar year. The main intention of the program is to highlight the richness and diversity that our European Cities have to offer and it is a great opportunity to generate social and economic benefits.


“Ok, ok,… but what does this mean for us people here in Tampere?”

Suppose we do become European Capital of Culture 2026, you can prepare yourself for a year of next-level entertainment that gets even the laziest sloth moving.
Tampere’s culture is pretty cool – but YOU deserve pretty damn awesome! Imagine funky things happening all the time, in surprising ways and unexpected locations!
The year 2026 could be a real change-maker that brings us closer together and raises awareness of how much Culture & Art can affect our general well-being.


Culture means expression. Culture means connection. Culture means you and them, in the past, now and then. It is a way for people to come together and celebrate humanity – and maybe to escape the familiar for just a while. Culture moves us, intrigues us, and most importantly makes us wonder ‘’why’’?

Tampere and the Tampere Region are together applying to become the European Capital of Culture in 2026 and we want you to join. We want to permanently enhance the quality of life of our residents by celebrating Tampere Region’s cultural roots, edge, and people.

“A Capital of Culture project is an opportunity to create a common Tampere cultural identity and get rid of fences between different fields of culture. It makes no sense for us to view the project as a matter for some others or to be skeptical of a “let’s see” attitude when this is precisely about us and our future.” Maria Mattila, cultural ambassador of Tampere and Tampere Region’s European Capital of Culture bid.

Change is up to every one of us. It is time to share our culture, our art, our industrial history, our natural and environmental values. It is time to create a Region that is more united and equal. It is time for you to make the difference.


We want to see, value & share your beautiful art & doings and follow the inspiring creation process and hard work that stand behind them.
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Read more about Tampere and the Tampere Region European Capital of Culture bid.


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