Stories from Tampere and the Tampere Region

Finlayson Art Area / Photo by Laura Vanzo

The Tampere Region consists of factory cities with a colourful history and serene countryside that is considered to epitomise the Finnish landscape. From this variation of cities and countryside and points where these landscapes come together springs up our diverse culture – various stories that take different forms in literature, music, visual arts, plays, different events and sports. We are also known as the land of a flourishing sauna culture and for offering the framework for a multitude of hobbies. Here, in the middle of the red-brick chimney-stacks and lakes, is where Tampere and the Tampere Region have been founded.

Jumping Headfirst into Nearly Freezing Water

The first post of my weekly blog as I explore Tampere's culture while working with the Tampere Region 2026 team during my semester abroad at Tampere University.

The city of change and transformation

The building process of the Tampere tramway shows up in the city as a huge, Fellini-kind of circus, and is present for several years in the lives of each citizen. The picture shows the first year's atmosphere of the construction field nearby the photographer's home. The project goes on for 4 and a half years. / Photo by Petri Nuutinen
"Is “metropolis” now the city’s identity or is there a heart of a small city still beating in here?"

A place of genuine encounters

The evening market at the Market Hall / Photo by Laura Vanzo
"Here, customers are allowed to talk about their lives, and the vendors have time and willingness to listen."

Unravelling the heart of the Tampere Region

Visavuori / photo by Ari Korkala
"Culture is not all about standing on ceremony, acting important and drawing lines between people. It is about activities and experiences that respect and value the different preferences of each and every person."

A round trip to Tampere

Night walker / Photo by Hannua Vanhanen
"In the 1970s, it was possible to spot Juice Leskinen sitting in the university campus café, surrounded by students who considered themselves intellectuals."

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The Rajaportti Sauna / Photo by Laura Vanzo