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Capital of Culture 2022: Kaunas Wants to Shake the Spirit of a ‘Hopeless City’

Flood of Ideas: Nearly 700 Proposals for the Capital of Culture Programme

The sauna of Tohloppi Lake. More sauna is one of the main themes in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa bid.

Project Still Expanding: Kuhmoinen Also Joining the Bid

Lielahti, Kämmenniemi, Hervanta, Vesilahti… Scouring the Villages for Ideas with Simo Frangén

A Concert Hall Named After Jaakko Ryhänen Proposed in Lempäälä

There is a Beast Living in the Caves underneath Kaunas. What is Tampere Region’s Response?

The Mythical Beast of Kaunas

Nice Buildings Aren’t Enough: “We Must Dare to Rethink the Concept of the Art Museum”

Satu Vuorinen

Welcome aboard, Urjala! ”We will get our local groups together and start throwing ideas around”

Hannu Maijala, the municipal manager of Urjala

Urjala joins Tampere Region in European Capital of Culture Bid

Tampere and Tampere region wish to become the capital of equality

Children and the theme balloons at Puistofiesta 2019

The themes of our Capital of Culture bid are revealed on 16 August!

Players at Puistofiesta 2017 / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Tampere needs an art campus along the tramway, near the city centre

The Mayor Lauri Lyly and the Debuty Mayor Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki at the presentation of the working group's final report

The people of Tampere value saunas, lakes and festivals

The Sauna Day at Rajaportti Sauna / Photo by Laura Vanzo

The Capital of Culture bid was discussed in the international seminar 30 July

Ulrich Fuch at the Ultimate Bid-Book Seminar / Photo by Pauli Sivonen

Tampere is preparing a long-term cultural strategy in cooperation with residents and cultural actors

The Opening Ceremony of the Capital of Culture bid

Celebrate Europe Day on May 9 with international cultural experiences

Dancers at the Europe Day / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Everybody is invited to the opening event of Tampere’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture on 30 March at…

The Opening Ceremony of Capital of Culture bid

The first Sauna day in Tampere on 27 July 2019!

Tullin Sauna / Photo by Laura Vanzo

Local cultural operators met in Hiedanranta and innovated the Capital of Culture bid

The meeting of the cultural operators in Hiedanranta

Join us in building Tampere and the Tampere Region into a Capital of Culture!

Participate in the open call and suggest your idea!

The Toriseva Ravine lake, Virrat