Fascinated by nature

Vesilahti is the pearl of the Tampere region and provides excellent services and naturally beautiful surroundings only 30 minutes away from Tampere. In Vesilahti the charming community culture of the old days combines with the rich history. The magnificent history of the Laukko maison, the increadable stories and legends like the epics of the Kalevala and the Kanteletar have been born in Vesilahti.


Popular sights

The Laukko Maison, the traveling path of Klaus Kurki, the Vesilahti Church and Vicarage, the Clayshop Samotti, the Vesilahti Region Museum and the Community Village and a Biodynamic Farm of Kurki


Local flavors 

The restaurant of Laukko Maison, Juhlatalo Rautiala, the Hukianhovi Log Cabin, Aitta Café, Kurkitupa, the Grill/Café Koskenvoima and the restaurant Peuran Krouvi.



Narva Market, the events of the Rämsöö Summer Theatre, Welcome to the Village Day, Peurafest