Fodo camp artwork, Mänttä-Vilppula

Art town full of experiences

In the art town of Mänttä-Vilppula you can experience a true cultural journey. The Serlachius Museums are full of art, architecture and history. The Mänttä Art Festival brings together a wide variety of contemporary art and the Mänttä Music Festival showcases top piano talent. Summer in the art town is filled with interesting experiences from barn theatre to food events. And don’t forget to visit our diverse summer festivals, local history museums and churches.

Take a detour on your travels to a world of tastes! Delicacies from pastries to full meals await you. At Restaurant Gösta, Koivulahden Rapukartano and Mänttä Club, renowned chefs create artful taste experiences from seasonal ingredients. Our many lunch restaurants and cafés also offer a variety of delicacies. On our bustling market days you can pick up the freshest local produce and flavors. The art town also has a variety of places for shopping, art and handicrafts.

Step onto a nature trail straight from your hotel or wade into Vilppulankoski to catch trout and grayling. Admire the lake scenery from the top of Mäntävuori or Elämänmäki. Embark on a boat at Vilppula port or Myllyranta in Mänttä. Play tennis like a factory owner or try horseback riding. The active villages in the region also offer splendid experiences in beautiful lake scenery.

Experience nature in the art town!


Famous sights

Serlachius-museums, Pekilo, Mänttä Club, Myllyranta, Mäntänvuori area, Vilppulakoski parka area, Vilppula history route, Vilppula’s Native Region Museum & School Museum, Elämänmäki conservation area, Salussärkkä conservation area, Native Region museum Heikintupa.


Local flavors

Restaurant Gösta, Koivulahden Rapukartano, Mänttä Club, Wine Tavern Vuorenmaja, Cafe Alex, Beach restaurant Isabella, Cafe Hilma and Onni ja Pub Vanha-Wankka and several other places to enjoy local flavors.



Mäntttä art festival

Mänttä Music festival

Mänttä Organ Week

Kevyttä Klassista Festivaali

Mänttä Food Festival