Tha gate of Tampere Region to Päijänne Lake

People have been living somewhere in Kuhmoinen for thousands of years. Many rock carvings in caves and other pre-historic findings prove that. In Päijälä there is a Linnavuori which was used as a fortress in the Middle Ages. In Papinsaari there has been medieval findings. The church of Kuhmoinen which was built in 1784-1785 was designed by Matti Åkerblom, one of the most significant church builders in the 18th century. In the 1918 Civil War there was a battle of Kuhmoinen, which is known especially for the massacre in Harmoinen hospital.

The owner of the Korppila Farm, Kaarle Hirvansalo, built a steam wood mill in 1912. The harbour, the shipyard, and the machine shop are still creating some industrial feeling to this place.

The beautiful landscapes can be seen in the works of several artists like Pekka Halonen, Kalle Löytänä, Marcus Collin and Väinö Hämäläinenduring finnish art’s golden age. There are some 2300 inhabitants and when people move to their holiday cottages during the summer, the municipality grows significantly.

There are some 200 companies in Kuhmoinen. Most of them are companies for 1-2 persons. The Highway number 4 used to go through Kuhmoinen until it was changed to use the eastern side of Päijänne during the 90’s. Then the number of the main road was changed to 24. From that road you have a road number 325 to Tampere. Kuhmoinen is now part of Central Finland but it will be part of Tampere Region from year 2021.


Famous sights

Isojärvi National Park

Museum of Arms and Warfare

Kuhmoinen church

Old and new funeral chapels, Papinsaari cemetery

Pre-historic paintings in Pyhänpää

Historical hill Linnavuoril located in the village of Päijälä



Local flavors

Some foods were named to be the local heritage foods. There were soup made of meat and potatoes, porridge made in the oven, salty fish and potato bread, “penkkivelli” which is soup made of potatoes and oat porridge.



“Kuhmoinen kiepsahtaa kesään” – the beginning of summer -event


Neste Oil Rally