Shooting for the stars

Kangasala, with its population of nearly 32,000, has grown into a city measured both by size and by the processes it uses and it boldly aims to become a new kind of city of
the future.

Shooting for the stars, Kangasala is a city of high-quality culture and leisure activities. For centuries, visitors have flocked to the atmospheric cultural landscape and nature of Kangasala. The regional hymn of the Tampere Region “Kesäpäivä Kangasalla” (A summer day in Kangasala) paints a vivid picture of the nature of this region at its most beautiful and of mankind’s yearning for freedom. When you climb a ridge and shoot for the stars you rise above everyday life and see further. Here you are free to see and experience things alone and together.

A visitor to Kangasala is touched by culture in its various forms. Kangasala House, museums, manors, artists’ homes, galleries, theatres and handicraft stores bring the inner life of the region’s artist to your fingertips.
In the summer, residents of the city get company from the occupants of the 4,600 holiday homes. A true summer day in Kangasala is made from its 420 lakes and great local food producers.

Kangasala pampers those who appreciate locally produced food and sumptuous meals. You can get local produce from markets, farm shops, farmers’ markets, retail stores, food circles and bazaars.
In addition, Kangasala offers a real feast for those interested in motoring and road traffic history. Vehoniemi and Mobilia are both popular destinations for the whole family.

The municipality is spread over a distance of 70 kilometres, which facilitates types of businesses ranging from hospitality to agriculture and from nursing services to industry. Sahalahti is the home of Saarioinen and Atria, local contractors are prominent at many construction sites and the Pikonlinna area has a large cluster of care enterprises. One specialty of the city is horses, of which the city has about 2,000, as well as related businesses such as a vaulting arena and stables.

Three new business and residential areas will be completed in the coming years in Kangasala: Lamminrahka, Tarastenjärvi and Saarenmaa. The city centre is also becoming a more versatile and pleasant social hub. The new hotel and multi-level car park being built next to the indoor swimming pool, in the vicinity of the Kangasala House cultural centre, will be a new landmark able to be seen from far away. To make the city centre more lively, the market area is being renewed and there are plans to build a market hall and a couple hundred new apartments.

Humbly the best – Kangasala.


Famous sights

Kirkkoharju, Vehoniemi and Haralanharju observation towers, The Osprey Centre in Pohtiolampi, Keisarinharju observation tower, Vehoniemi Automobile Museum, Automobile and Road Museum Mobilia, Kangasala Arts Center, Kimmo Pyykkö museum, Kangasalan Rest Home, Sarsa and the oldest kitchen in Finland, Stone church with star ceiling and blood stone, the great mansions, Äijälä House, The Laipanmaa Area, Kaarina trail, Punamultalukko kettle hole, cave destinations such as Lempokivi ja Ohtolan Pirunkallio.




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