You can truly sense history in Pirkkala

Pirkanmaa is a large and interesting area, that by its nature is so different than the capital region for instance.

I live in Pirkkala and I like the fact that you can truly sense history here. Even though most buildings, that are still standing, are from this century, past is still very present in this town. History can be seen for instance in the old names of places, such as Naistenmatka and Hiidenmäki.

I use a lot of iron in my art, and it’s a fascinating thought that centuries ago in this same place some people were working with that same material, with the same kind of methods I am now.

I also find it interesting how close to a lake and nature in general people live. I live a small island called Pereensaari myself and around me there’s tons of other fascinating little islands too.

The fact how people have travelled on the big lakes to get here is very exciting in my opinion.

Villu Jaanisoo is a sculptor, who lives in Pirkkala.