Surrounded by art

Taina Myllyharju

Taina Myllyharju has acted as the director of Tampere Art Museum and Moomin Museum since 2008.

Taina Myllyharju is a Master of Arts and an art historian who has graduated from the University of Turku and worked in the museum sector since 1987. Before moving to Tampere she worked in Rauma, Alajärvi, Oulu and Salo. She has also taken a vocational degree in business management, courses on future research and most recently a training in working community mediation. She is a board member of the Finnish Museum Association and the Foundation for the Finnish Museum of Photography. As the director of Tampere Art Museum, Taina Myllyharju is also responsible for the operations of the Pirkanmaa Regional Art Museum, the art projects of the city of Tampere and public art including the art of trams. She is also responsible for the selection of the Young Artist of the Year. The Tampere Art Museum renovation project, Siilo, is going to play a significant role in the Capital of Culture bid of Tampere.

Taina Myllyharju operates in the field of visual arts, and she also enjoys films, literature and music; she is particularly fond of pop and rock music and science fiction.