Ikaalinen has a wonderful college for crafts and design

I have lived in Pirkanmaa about half my life. First I felt I was very much from Tampere, but later I have expanded my everyday life in Pirkanmaa especially to the town I live in now, Nokia, and also to a town of Ikaalinen, which has given me lot of opportunities to practice the art of handicraft. Ikaalinen has a wonderful school of this field: Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design.

Handicraft, art and culture are very much intertwined in my opinion. When just graduating and starting as an artisan, my work was inspired by the many cultural opportunities of the Tampere region. For instance, the sports played on ice in Hakametsä, several theatres from Nokia Etunäyttämö to the huge musicals of Tampere Workers’ Theatre, and many other concerts and gigs, and countless art exhibitions. There are so many good things going on! I find culture in my everyday life too, such as marketplace cafés and wonderful beaches.

For me it is essential to find ideas and opportunities at my work that relate to recycling different materials. A plastic rubbish is lot of times a treasure for me, and since Pirkanmaa is a go-getter region, it has been easy to get help from other people to find more material too. I am constantly looking for more networking and cooperation possibilities in the art, handicraft and cultural circles of Pirkanmaa. I have been welcomed with open arms, even though I’m very new to the field!

The whole of Pirkanmaa is giving me so much. I like it here; I plan on staying here and I will give my full support to the project that makes Tampere and the whole region the capital of culture 2026!

Sari Roivas is from Nokia and was nominated as the artisan of the year in the handicraft fair Kädentaidot 2019.