The further I go; the closer Tampere gets

My job is to travel the world, I go and see magnificent place, but out of all the cities I’ve visited, Tampere is the one I will always miss the most. The further I go; the closer Tampere gets.

Tampere is a compact sized city, located between two large lakes, and it offers you all the modern services and opportunities, but also an idyllic and calm environment. It’s easy to return to Tampere and time and time again I find myself doing the same, wonderful things: sauna at Rauhaniemi, coffee break at the marketplace…

When I get to Tampere, it feels like I have put on my own familiar clothes. When you’re at home, your childhood friends by your side, you know what you get.

Tampere has given me a great foundation to grow up to be a photographer. This city enables you to jump into a car and drive around to have a adventurous photo experience. Tampere has given me the base that has encouraged me to move abroad to educate myself and start my career abroad.

Samuel Taipale is a photographer and social media influencer. He’s the other member of Taipale Brothers. Instagram: eljackson.