It's hard to find a better circus school than Sorin Sirkus

Even though I’ve lived abroad for the last 6 years and returning to Finland is not in the horizon, Tampere still holds a very special place in my heart.

Tampere is my dear hometown that I know like the back of my hand and where I always enjoy returning. That is where my roots, childhood memories and family are. You can leave Tampere, but Tampere will never leave you.

I think Tampere is a great choice as the capital of culture, because the variety of culture is so wide and on high level. For instance, when it comes to field of circus, it’s hard to find a better school, let alone youth circus, than Sorin Sirkus, and that’s why they have a great reputation all around Europe. Very often when I mention I come from Finland, my co-workers ask me if I’m from Tampere and if I went to the circus school in Sorin Sirkus.

I think it’s also very important to highlight and make people aware of the culture outside the capital city area.

Best of about Tampere is the view to the lakes, pastries at the sightsee tower, ice hockey culture, the realness of people and a nonchalant attitude in life.

Nelli Kujansivu is award-winning international circus artist, that travels the world performing with several different shows and groups.