I'm involved in a wheelchair dancing and creating unobstructed culture

I moved to Tampere with my mother when I was 6 years old, and even though I’m not born and bred here, I still feel my identity is a person from Tampere.

Tampere is a big city in Finland’s scale. It is filled with different opportunities to have hobbies and enjoy culture. There are places for concerts, communities and people working in literature, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, places to go dancing… Tampere has everything!

I’m involved in a wheelchair dancing association called Pirkanmaan Py├Âratuolitanssijat and creating unobstructed culture and entertainment for children in SirkusRakkausPumPum as wheelchair dancing clown.

One big need for improvement is to make places, where culture happens and is enjoyed, to become more unobstructed. It’s sometimes frustrating to find out beforehand if a place is unobstructed. This problem exists for the makers and the consumers of culture.

Culture is for everyone, so let’s make it more attainable!

Leevi Ketola is a wheelchair dancer.