Tampere is the interpreter of quiet signals, trendsetter and the pioneer of megatrends

I moved to Tampere in 1993 because of my studies. Tampere has always had a deep passion, pride and love towards arts and its artists. It’s an inspirational and trustworthy platform to create open-minded and inventive professional productions.

When making art, I am interested in combining different fields of art and culture and ways of doing them and see what the collision produces. I have done pole dancing and poetry in care facilities, diving in swimming combined with poetry, music and modern dance. I try literature with movement and photographic art with pamphlet theatre or museum theatre as part of cultural education. Anything you can see or hear in time. Arts and culture that everyone can participate in and that will increase people’s understanding and compassion towards each other, is the interesting kind.

Tampere is open for everything new. It will happily welcome winds of change. And the best thing of all, Tampere is ahead of its time in lot of ways, as an interpreter of quiet signals, a trendsetter and a pioneer of megatrends. It sees and it does. It is hard to think of another city, that is more creative and prouder of its own history and would be more suitable to be the capital of culture.

Karoliina Blackburn is an actress from Tampere.