The goal is equality and fairness, and that is fantastic

Tampere is Kaukajärvi and Kalevankangas, Tammela marketplace and Tampere Cathedral. Tampere is grandmas, grandpas and little babies. Tampere is friendship, trying new things and doing stuff together. Tampere is rough around the edges, honest and dear to me.

My roots are here, and my heart is here. Here is where my home is and where I feel good.

But after all those beautiful things, Tampere is also other things. It’s loneliness, worthlessness and poorness. It’s standing in line for food, being sick and feeling like you don’t belong.

All the bad things you can never remove, but we can do a lot. Everyone can do something and together we can do more.

No matter what happens in the competition for the title of capital of culture, Tampere has already won: the goal is equality and fairness, and that is fantastic. It’s my pleasure and privilege to work for this goal together.

Eva Wäljas is a curious adventurer, that lives by Kaukajärvi and wonders how life is going to turn out and tries to behave herself. Works in a church.