Erni Kask

Tampere is, I would say, my favourite city in Finland. I’ve seen rapid development over the past 5 years. It has been become truly contemporary, strong and powerful city. I have enjoyed the work of my colleagues in Telakka Teatteri, Tampereen Teatterikesä festival and for instance the music of Eppu Normaali. It’s all the part of the diverse Tampere I have experieneced many times.

Just as Tartu in the context of Estonia, Tampere definetely has the capacity to deliver the biggest cultural project of Europe. The question is for the sake of what and how? I’m sure throughout this process Tampere and Pirkanmaa can figure it out well and led by a professional and devoted team of Tampere 2026 can make it really visible for the people of Tampere as well as for the international jury. Tartu as the twin city of Tampere will stand next to Tampere and support the process.   

Erni Kask is the Leading Project Manager of the Tartu European Capital of Culture 2024 Bid