My holy trinity is the main library Metso, Rauhaniemi community spa and lake Iidesjärvi.

I am a Sami, a feminist, a journalist, an author, a foodie, a vintage enthusiast and a conversationalist. Because of these titles you maybe already have an idea of what kind of a person I am, even though we don’t know each other. That’s okay. I might be exactly what you think I am, but I might be something else as well. Before anything else, I am a person from Tampere.

I have never been able to grasp the Finnish mentality, but Tampere I have a very tight connection with. My holy trinity is the main library Metso, Rauhaniemi community spa and lake Iidesjärvi. The triangle formed by these three points is where my Tampere spirit lies.

It does the shopping and catches up with people in Tampere Market Hall, uses the sauna to get rid of the sadness and sorrow by drowning them in the waves of Näsijärvi and updates how the city’s tram project is going when visiting Tammelantori. It thinks libraries and culture house Laikku are its living room. During winter it looks at the old church park and dreams that one day the park will have an ice-skating rink for the citizens. Every time she gets a hold of a microphone, it’s important to say in the most Tampere dialect and accent possible: “Hello! I’m Emmi!” and mention that Tampere is the sauna capital of the world. Whether people ask it or not.

I can’t get enough of Tampere and that is why I’m glad I have a chance to get people as involved and enthusiastic about this city as I am. Throughout the year I’ve been asked to be a food ambassador of the campaign Hungry for Tampere, the producer of Lost in Music city festival, alumni of Tampere University, the reformer of Tampere Flower Week, the expert on Visit Tampere, the head of marketing of Tampere Market Hall, the head of information and media relations of Valkeakoski Worker’s Music Festival, the honorary Flora 2019 of Tampere University and now as one of the ambassadors of European Capital of Culture bid.

Being an ambassador is first and foremost being an inspiration and getting inspired by others. It is diving into the cultural waters of Tampere and going with the flow. My flow takes me to the wonderful restaurants, delicious cafés and the lovely flea markets of Pirkanmaa. It will take me to theatres, makes me put my hands up at gigs and will be forever searching for those redbrick pearls of Tampere, whose secrets I can tell everybody.

Someone said one time that culture is something fancy, a treat only meant for some. To whoever said that, I would say: welcome to Tampere! We have a goal to take the champagne off the culture.

With best regards,