The Mecca of Finnish design

Tampere is a little big town that has a very special place in my heart, even though I have fallen in love with lots of cities while traveling the world. I was born in Tampere, lived here as a young adult but also in the areas around it: Ylöjärvi, Lempäälä and Nokia. Tampere is cosy and safe, but at the same time an energetic hub, where I go shopping and enjoy culture, restaurants and night life. And the best thing is that nature is close too.

My clothing company Papu Design’s office moved recently to Tampere, to Finlayson. Finlayson is the perfect place to have a textile related company because of its history.

As a clothes designer I’m particularly fascinated by Tampere design scene and cultural life. DesignOnTampere association keeps up the design field happening for instance through events like Designtori. It also gets the local designers together and helps them to network. I’m so happy about the fact that in the last 10 years Tampere has become the Mecca of Finnish design. Most of the interesting up and coming design and clothing companies are from Tampere, such as Mukava, Uhana, Nouki, Nosh Company and Gugguu, and of course my own company Papu

It’s good to live in Tampere area and grow a business of a creative field. Tampere would definitely deserve its place as the European capital of culture!

Anna Kurkela is the founder and the creative director of Papu Design.