It feels unbelievably good to be back in Ruovesi

Pirkanmaa is my homeland after many years abroad. It feels unbelievably good to be back here in Ruovesi, familiar and unknown at the same time.

Because I was 16-years-old when I left to go to secondary school in Helsinki and stayed on that path away from home, I am now starting to get to know home again as an adult, as someone who has travelled the world a bit and I am very curious to see what new life in the countryside will bring.

When I was a schoolgirl, I would go to Tampere for flute lessons and sometimes for shopping, but the real familiarisation of the city was still ahead of me. My family roots are in Ruovesi and I have a job as the artistic director of the chamber music festival there, which I find extremely interesting and fulfilling. I’m very proud to bring music to my lovely hometown, that enchants everyone who come here.

Anna Aminoff is the artistic director of Ruovesi music festival.