The visionary of literature

Aleksanteri Kovalainen

Aleksanteri Kovalainen got his Ph.D. from the University of Tampere in 2010. The subject of his doctoral thesis was Ralph Waldo Emerson, the forerunner of American literature who is also known as an essayist and a poet.

Kovalainen has worked in both arts and science. He has acted as a visiting researcher in Harvard University, and he worked in the Institute for Advanced Social Research in the University of Tampere in 2014–2016. Kovalainen also has the rank of a senior lecturer in history of science and ideas.

Currently Kovalainen is a full-time author. He has published two novels: Mädän elämän alkeet (“The basics of rotten life”, 2016) and Kansallinen herätys (“A national awakening”, 2018). The latter deals with a current social issue, the rise of the far right in Finland. Kansallinen herätys has aroused attention and Kovalainen has for example made an appearance in YLE’s Aamun kirja show to discuss the novel’s themes.

Kovalainen is a board member of Pirkkalaiskirjat ry where he actively promotes the local literature. He teaches writing in the Critical Academy cultural centre. The thread of both Kovalainen’s teaching and literary works is overlapping creativity and critical thinking.