Let’s make Tampere Region the European Capital of Culture 2026!

Tampere and Tampere Region applying as the European Capital of Culture 2026

Tampere and the Tampere Region are together applying to become a European Capital of Culture and we want you to join us. We want to permanently increase the quality of life of our residents and strengthen the Tampere Region’s cultural expression without forgetting the international aspect.

Hän – Equality, culture and women


Equality seminar: If we want to achieve gender equality, we need to collect data and start acting!

The Whole Region Joins the ECoC Bid of Tampere: “The Passion in the Proposals Took Us by Surprise”

Juha Hemanus

The City of Tampere Receives First Gold Record from Mansesteri

Handicrafts Attract 50 000 Visitors to Fair

Build the Capital of Equality with us!

Tammerfest / Photo by Laura Vanzo

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