Let’s make Tampere Region the European Capital of Culture 2026!

Tampere and Pirkanmaa bid book for European Capital of Culture is now published. Check out the versatile cultural program!


Tampere is in the 2nd round: All three applicants chosen to continue in the race

Tampere bid for the European Capital of Culture is now published: Includes over 90 program titles

European Capital of Culture: International panel will decide the fate of Tampere

A lake view, Virrat/ Photo by Laura vanzo

Mänttä-Vilppula is a wonderful art city in the middle of forests

Expert: This is the state of EU funding for culture right now. Something new also coming!

The success of Tampere in the Capital of Culture competition will be announced after Midsummer

Check this service: All Finnish grants in one web page

Report: Capital of Culture Year was a success for Plovdiv

Tampere liberates policy for restaurant terraces

Capital of Culture bid is looking for employees

The most important grant info of the year? Kone Foundation tells about next autumn

Capital of Culture is a major opportunity to raise international brand of Tampere

Canoeing at lake Näsijärvi / Photo by: Laura Vanzo

Exploring Tampere

Going the Distance for Cheap Alcohol

Victories in Ice Hockey and Zamboni Driving

Robots, and Bunnies, and Snow, Oh My!

Jumping Headfirst into Nearly Freezing Water

Hän – Equality, culture and women


Build the Capital of Equality with us!

Tammerfest / Photo by Laura Vanzo

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